The Changing of the Guard

“Hi Bea! Where y’bin?”
“Buzzin’ around.”Bees
(Sound like band-saws: giant bee laughter.)
“Buzz me in, Bess.”
“B’Guard Bea buzzed in 19.55.”
“Thanks. So how’s Her Majesty?”
“In a bonnet about somethin’.”
“You know what it is?”
“Happened on my watch. That Eric! Caught him sneakin’ into the Princesses.”
“That bee’s a drone!”
“Well, duh! But y’know, birds n’bees.”
“Whadda birds gotta do with it?”
“Be glad when the nuptial flight’s over. Tomorrow, right?”
“Yep. OK. You set? I’ll buzz.”
“Formalities! B’guard Bess I relieve you.”
“B’guard Bea I stand relieved. Now, I’m off to suck down some nectar.”
“Big day tomorrow. Get some zzs.”

© TheSupercargo

The above was written for the Friday Fictioneers flash fiction forum curated by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. The prompt: a photo of a giant bee. (See the photo prompt, Jennifer Pendergast’s photo here.). Jennifer P is ElmoWrites.

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12 thoughts on “The Changing of the Guard”

    1. Thanks for dropping by Rochelle. I am always amazed at how you manage to visit everyone and find something nice to say about everybody’s efforts.
      Shalom right back at you!

  1. I really enjoyed this little play – full of cute puns but neatly packed in. the characters and dialogue are nicely ‘realistic’ too. Sorry I’m late, still getting through last week’s stories…

    1. Thanks Jennifer. As you see, you’re not as late as me in getting back! Sorry for the delay. Much happening In Real Life at present.

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