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Why anyone would want to steal any of these texts or doodles and pass them off as their own I cannot imagine, but just in case I take this opportunity to affirm that all the writings and images on this site are my own work and are copyright © to me, John Nixon, a.k.a. TheSupercargo.

I am fully aware that by publishing these texts and images on the Internet I am making it easy for you, should you wish, to copy them and republish them. I have no objection to you doing this. Copy and publish away! Just make sure you respect my authorship by giving me credit and by linking back to this website. The easiest thing to do is to use the permalink associated with each individual post.

This freedom does NOT extend to people who wish to make any commercial use of my writings. If you are tempted to use anything I have published here, perhaps to sell it on to someone else or perhaps to promote something for your own financial profit, then … DON’T! 

If you really want to use my material for some sort of commercial purpose, have the courtesy to get in touch (use the contact form) and negotiate with me. Chances are we can come to some sort of an agreement. 

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