About The Supercargo’s Articulations

John The Supercargo

My name is John Nixon but I’m also known as The Supercargo. I’m English, though I’ve lived longer in Sweden than in Britain. Just at present I am living in Brussels.

For many years I was a teacher, now I am a writer, translator, photographer, web-bum and a few more things besides.

Articulations is my website for sharing my poetry and short prose. In truth, this website has been asleep for a couple of years, but I am waking it up now and hope to be able to post here at least once a month from now on.

Many of the shorter items published here – haiku, couplets, jokes, aphorisms and what-not – appeared originally in my Twitter stream. These pieces represent a fraction of my Twitter output, which is otherwise largely uninteresting. I like to think the items I’ve published here, though, are little grains of gold sifted out of the stream. I may be fooling myself.

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Some of the longer poems on the site also started life as Tweets, but when I looked at them again I decided to rework them, thinking they needed more space. Others came to be in different ways; some via the Internet, others not. Occasionally, where I think it interesting, (and when I remember) I have included a note about the origin of the piece. Some of the longer poems may have been previously published, others are published here for the first time.

The short prose (which I’ll try to keep down to no more than 3000 words at a time) comes either from my notebooks or is fresh. One reason for starting this website is to have a dedicated space in which to publish flash fiction and the like. You can’t get much fresher than flash fiction. 🙂

Some people like poetry, some prefer prose. To help you sift out what’s new in each catagory, see the links to Recent Prose and Recent Poetry in the right-hand column.

Finally I want to say something about the illustrations. I’m not going to claim anything for them. They are doodles, nothing more. My Search Engine Optimisation software tells me that I need to associate an image with each post. So be it. The doodles feel appropriate to the look of the website. I hope they don’t detract  from the writing.

From time to time I may publish stand alone images here too.

If you would like to see my other websites, they are:

  • The Supercargo main site – updated when the whim takes me.
  • At the Quill – mostly about writing, reading and self-publishing.
  • Stops and Stories – about travel and travelling.
  • GBG365 – now an archive of my photographs from Gothenburg on Sweden’s West Coast, but once a daily photo blog.
  • Elin’s Story which is the dedicated website for the historical novel I’ve been writing for the last few years.(Not updated for a long time.)